Apr 11, 2019


Hello dears :)
The last part of my Kitchen collection is here. These layered templates are simple to use and great to create your recipe book or recipe cards. The pack includes 10 templates and 10 solids.
Are you wondering which project is coming next? Let me to surprise you. 
I will start the new one in June. Be connected to my blog :)
X.O., your Olesya

Apr 4, 2019


Hello, dears :)

Here is the fourth part of my exclusive kit ''Magic of chocolate''. My blog subscribers take this kit for free per email. If you are not subcriber, but also want to have this part - you are welcome to my store. 
Important note for subscribers: Every new part will be send in the first week of the month. You have time only till the last day of the month to finish your downloading process! Please, be sure, that you downloaded the kit in time. I will not re-send the links. Sometimes emails can go to the SPAM-folder. Please don't forget to check it also. If you missed some parts, you need to go to my store and buy them. 
    X.O., your Olesya

Mar 31, 2019


Hello dears :)
  I like nature, always have. As a child I was often lying in the grass looking at the sky and wathcing birds. I imagined, what they have already seen and where they will fly next. I heart the feathered tales, they told to me. At home we had a blue budgerigar named Boy. He knew some words like ''Boy is hungry'' and ''Boy is very good''. He lived with us many years. Birds have always expired me.
Enjoy my March 2019 collection ''Feathered dreams''.     
You save 20%, if you buy this collection until 07. April.
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Don't miss your gift today - a quick page by Kama. 
You can find the link at the end of this post.
X.O., your Olesya 
 Full collection includes
- 40 unique elements
- 12 papers
- 17 wordbits
- 5 titles
- 5 wordarts
- 2 quick pages 
- 4 accents
- 10 journal cards (.png)

Mar 27, 2019


Hello dears:)
Enjoy your gift this Wednesday - March template for 365 Project. 

  X.O., your Olesya

Mar 22, 2019


Hello dears :)
My life is going crazy these days. I found a puppy on the street and took him to my home. I tried to find him a new family, because with my two job and my two cats I have not enough time to care about this beuatiful puppy girl. After five days in a new family Daisy was back to me. She didn't love these people and they didn't love her. I don't understand how can I live with two cats and one puppy together, but I try. So please excuse me, if I will do some kits and freebies not in time next monthes. Here is Daisy. She is very nice, doesn't she?

Good news! Oscraps birthday sale is running. 

Incredible prizes are waiting for you.

X.O., your Olesya