Feb 26, 2018


Hello dears :)
As you maybe know, I live in Antalya last 18 years. I really like this beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast, but I'm always happy to return for a while to my hometown Tver. Tver is
a city and the administrative center of Tver Oblast in Russia, located 180 kilometres northwest of Moscow. It's an old city with a long history, but for me first of all it's a city, where I was born and grew up. I have a lot of happy moments associated with my hometown. I'm sure, you can say the same about your hometown. Keep your memories alive with my new collection.
You save 20%, if you buy this collection untill 5. March. Enjoy!
1. What is your hometown? Do you still live there?
2. Which part of new collection do you want to win? 
(basic and full collection are not included).
3. Your email.   

AVAILABLE TILL 20.03.2018 23:59

Don't miss your free gift today - the quick page by Kama. You can find it at the end of this post.
X.O., your Olesya 

 Full collection includes 
- 57 original elements (97 in total)
- 15 papers
- 45 tags
- 5 tittles
- 5 wordarts
- 19 transfers (.png)
- 2 quick pages
- 10 journal cards (.png/.pdf)




  1. Hello!
    I know that the first comment never wins, but I just had to write and say how much a admire your new collection! The colours, the elements - just everything! I'm a city girl and most of my life is spent in a city environment, but I can seldom find such great city kits as the one you've now released.
    My home town is Tbilisi and I still live here - have lived here in fact since I was born (that would be 39 years already )))
    By the way - my uncle lives in Tver and my dad live there for a while back in the 90's.
    My e-mail is fairywhite@mail.ru
    I would very much like to win the kit. )
    Thanks a lot for the great chance!

    1. Why not? I mean, about the first comment. I use random.org to pick a winner. Maybe this time you will the winner. Good luck!

    2. My best friend was in Tbilisi last year. She told me, it's a very beautiful city. She also enjoyed a perfect georgian food there. Good to know, that you hear about my hometown :)

    3. By the way - Antalya is not so far from Tbilisi. )) You could travel here one day and roam about Georgia, too. Tourism is developing here and pretty fast, so guest are welcome at any time of the year! ))

    4. Да, я знаю. Подруга вернулась с огромным количеством фотографий и лишними кг после поедания блюд грузинской кухни :) Я до сих пор не могу забыть один из фактов, ею рассказанных - что в Грузии в домах платные лифты. Первый раз о таком услышала.

    5. Да, во многих высотках лифты платные. Почти во всех. ((( Я, правда, живу в хрущевке, так что лифта у нас нет.
      Вообще, тут все очень по-разному. Есть хорошее, есть плохое. Ну как и везде, наверное. )) Климат хороший. Много солнца в течение года, но человека из Анталии этим не удивить ))) Есть вкусные фрукты, овощи, особенно летом, когда на рынок пробиваются грузинские продукты. Горы если нравятся, то тут есть разные - и высокие, голые, и поменьше - пушистые, с лесами. )) Речушки всякие горные - природа тоже хорошая. По крайней мере разок, из любопытства точно можно побывать.

  2. OH! I just love this fun, folksy, sweet kit! I have a special place in my heart for folk art - and this is it at its best. I would love to give the ellies a new home!

    I consider Huntsville, Alabama, USA my home town although I was actually born in Phoenix, Arizona. Huntsville was where I lived the longest growing up and I love it there. London runs a VERY close second in my heart. I was "at home" there, too! My email is s3js9938@gmail.com. Thanks for the chance!

    1. Oh my goodness. I have a very dear friend who lives there!I've visited her once a few years ago. We both lost our young daughters, age 29, and that's how we met. On the Compassionate Friends web site. Makes me wonder if you know her.Hugs,
      Joyce Swaim

  3. My home town is nestled in a valley with mountains on three sides and the ocean on the other. I no longer live there but it will always be the home of my heart.(the Fraser Valley in beautiful British Columbia Canada) This kit is just so cute !! Would love to win the page kit :) scrapbrock55@gmail.com

  4. This collection really caught my eye with the bright colors, and it is so timely! I just recently-like in the past two weeks- reconnected with my 2 Best Friends from childhood in my hometown!! I haven't heard from them in almost 40 years and I can just see tons of great layouts with this kit from the pictures and stories we've been exchanging! The word art pack is really speaking to me!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  5. Thank you, your kits are always so pretty.

  6. Я родилась и живу в г. Ленинск-Кузнецкий ( Кузбасс),красивый шахтерский город! Все Ваши наборы удивительны и прекрасны!Я бы хотела выиграть быстрые страницы.Большое спасибо за подарок и шанс! galaviktor@mail.ru

  7. This will be my 80th year to have lived inn my hometown, Winnipeg, MB Canada. Yes, I was born here and later married and raised our family here. In later years we have been fortunate to spend part of some winters in the sunny south to escape the cold. Summers were spent on Lake Winnipeg for many years. I do love the changing seasons and all that our city as to offer.

    My choice would be the Trransfers :)

    1. WOW, 80 years on the same place! Good luck with Chance-to-win :)

  8. Lovely collection I love the bright colors of it. I live close to where I grew up just about a mile away. I have been in the same area ever since I was 2 months old. I have seen so much growth most of it was farm land when I was growing up now their are tons of houses and shopping I kind of miss the less populated area that I had as a child.
    I would love to win the kit. I also love the word art you made such nice sentiments

    1. I'm agree. I don't like the big cities. Antalya is a ideal place for me - not too big, but also not too small.

  9. I have been living in my hometown of Dearborn, Michigan USA for the past 26 years after a few years of living in a few other nearby cities during my late teens and early twenty's. I actually live in the house my parental grandparents bought in 1976 when they moved from one side of the city to this side. I would be delighted with the element pack. Thank you.

  10. I live in my home town, again. I was gone for over 30 years but circumstances brought me back. I love it, its so different, so much larger, but lots of fun memories when I drive by certain places and through neighborhoods. I would love to win the Words portion of this charming kit! lastoll1@msn.com

    1. It's a little bit strange to return to hometown after a long time, isn't it?

  11. Seems I'm having trouble signing in to google!
    here's my 2nd try.
    My home town used to be Staunton, Va,USA and now I live just a town over which is Waynesboro, VA.The part of the lovely new kit I would like to have would be the word art.Thanks for giving me the chance to win.