Dec 18, 2017


Hello dears :)
Did you already decorate your home for coming holidays? We decorated a small christmas tree in the school in our class room, but I still don't have any christmas decoration in my house. I think, I must hurry up. It's one week till the Christmas and I need to make a lot of things before.  
But now I would like to present you my holiday collection called ''December 25''. Inside of this set you will find christmas balls, garlands and other decoration elements and patterned papers to create absolutely amazing festive layouts. You save 20%, if you buy this collection untill 31. December. Enjoy!

1. Which colors do you use for christmas tree decoration this year?
2. Which part of new collection do you want to win? 
(basic and full collection are not included).
3. Your email.   

AVAILABLE TILL 07.01.2018 23:59

Don't miss your free gift today - the Christmas photomask. You can find it at the end of this post.
X.O., your Olesya 
Full collection includes 
- 55 elements
- 20 papers
- 30 tags
- 5 tittles
- 5 wordarts
- 5 flairs with words
- 4 accents (.png)
- 3 quick pages
- 10 journal cards (.png/.pdf)
- 1 layered templates (.psd)





  1. Oh, this is gorgeous! I used silver, gold, purple & blue this year. I would love to have the accents!

  2. My ornaments are a mix of colors, as they have been collected over the years... your new collection is beautiful!! I would love to have the layered template. thanks for the chance!

  3. Oh, && thanks you for the lovely mask!

  4. Silver and red. I love the layered template.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  5. My ornaments are a mix of colors and styles, they have been collected over the years and they are all different except for about 50 snowflakes. My tree holds 3 generations of special and one of a kind cherished items. L love your new collection, it is beautiful!! I would love to have the elements. Thanks for the chance! scrapbrock55(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Always traditional red and green. I would love to win the quickpages. dotson24(at)Comcast(dot)net. Thanks for the chance!

  7. I started collecting Hallmark ornaments when I first got married 41 years ago, so my tree is a mix of colors that tell the story our life together. Thank you for a chance to win your pretty kit and for the free mask!

  8. 1 - This year I went very minimal (since I couldn't get up to the attic) and went with new stuff; mostly reds and silver.
    2 - This is a tough one since I'm loving the ENTIRE kit. When I first saw the Accents, I thought that was it, but then the journal cards came up, then the quick pages, layered templates and then the words. In short, I'd be happy with any portion!
    3 - will email be published if I add it here?

  9. What a gorgeous kit! You are so amazingly talented! My colors this year are red and gold. I would love the accents and thank you for the opportunity and the excitement that maybe, just maybe, I'll be lucky (keeping my fingers crossed!) Merry Christmas! Merry Always from my house to your house! Faith

  10. We haven't put up our tree yet just a large decoration on the front door. Our tree though is decorated with a mixature of colors and ornament style as we give and recieve ornaments as gifts each year. I would like the template. ScrappinMonkey(at)rocketmail(dot)com

  11. I'm not sure my recent comment came through so I am making another one. I don't have a certain color or theme,just a collection of ornaments and keepsakes from the past. We've downsized to a smaller tree, so I am limited to the number of ornanments I can use on it. If I win I would love to have the 'words strips'Thanks for the chance to win part of this beautiful collection. My email is

  12. What a wonderful Christmas kit! As usual, I choose the traditional colors red and green, which I love most and brings me into the real Christmas spirit.
    I would love the accents and thank you for the chance to win.

  13. Absolutely beautiful collection using traditional colors. If chosen, I would like the accents.
    I have two full size Christmas trees-one of only Santa ornaments I have collected over many year which is primarily red and white. The other tree is nature themed with birds and fruit and religious items and is many muted colors (but lots of gold).

  14. We have a timeless mix of colors on the tree. Some handed down from parents & grandparents. In addition ornaments from all of our travels.
    What an AWESOME Christmas kit!! Hard to decide, but I'd love to have either the accents or elements Thanks so much for the change to win!
    My email is juleswirtz at yahoo dot com
    Happy holidays to all!

  15. Олеся, наборы просто прелесть. Давно не видела их, очень вырос уровень ваших наборов.

    1. Ася, спасибо! Рада вас слышать. Если хотите, ваше место в команде все еще ваше))