Aug 31, 2016


Hello dears:)
The summer is almost over. When I was a child, my grandma was busy every August with making jams, preserves and conserves. It was so many fruits and berries in our garden and in the forest near our village, that we spent many days on the kitchen, looking how grandma makes her own magic with big pots and mason jars. Sure, I still can feel that absolutely fantastic smell of fresh jam. It's so yummy! Enjoy my August collection full of various berries!
Don't forget - you can buy this collection with -20% discount during the first sale week. 
1. What is your favorite jam?
2. Which part of new collection do you want to win?
3. Your email  

AVAILABLE TILL 20.09.2016 23:59

Don't miss your free gift - cluster by Kama. You can find it at the end of this post.
X.O., your Olesya 
 Full collection includes
- full kit with 56 elements and 12 papers
- 46 tags
- 5 tittles
- 5 wordarts
- 4 accents (.png)
- 4 quick pages
- 10 journal cards (.png/.pdf)


  1. I love Blackberry Jam !!!!! Fresh home made if I can get it :)
    Would love to win the Page Kit.

  2. My favourite jam is blackcurrant. We have blackcurrant bushes and I use to make my own but I don't have time nowadays.
    I would love to win the words part of Grandma's Jam. Just love the jars.

  3. My favourite jam by far is called "konvyt" and is made from watermelon rind. Not the actual rind, but the white part of the watermelon that is between the outer skin and the pink flesh. It is cut into chunks and boiled with syrup and then spread on toast or bread. Delish!!
    My gran also made it when I was young and when it was finished we used to have a treat of the first serving on toast while it was still warm - such happy memories :-)
    If I am lucky enough to win then I would like the basic collection please - my email address is

  4. I love your new kit. I can almost smell the jam cooking! Strawberry is my favorite. I've made both kinds, freezer and cooked. hmmmmmmm. delicious on some homemade biscuits. Thank you for the chance to win. I would love to win the accents.
    Joyce my email is

  5. Love this new kit!! My favorite jam is apricot...yummy!! I would love to have these elements and papers...thank you so much for the chance to win!!!! Your work is Fabulous!!!

  6. I love strawberry would love the words love Mason jars

  7. Love blueberry jam, my grandmother used to make it! If I'm lucky enough to win I would love the basic collection - my email is Thank you for the chance to win!

  8. This collection is amazing! My favorite jam is gooseberry, which is hard to find, but you have gooseberries in your elements! Choosing a part of the collection was hard, but I think it would be the wordarts and labels, as I could use them to print pretty labels for jam that I make for others. My email is Thank you for the beautiful cluster too!

  9. LOL ok my post was deleted oups So .... thanks for the free NL and cluster ))
    1. strawberries and apricots in the same way. with cbig pieces ... yum
    2. I love all of your job ;) so .... the full collection
    thanks so much for this chance to win it ))

  10. My favorite is Grape Jam. Would love to win the Elements/kit pack. Thanks for the chance! Awesome work on it! Lana

  11. Beautiful kit. I love strawberry jam. I would like the whole collection if I win. Thanks for the chance.

  12. Superbe kit. Merci pour cette chance

  13. beautiful kit I like strawberry and grape jam and jelly, thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Thank you for the pretty cluster, and the chance to win! :) My favorite jam is blackberry. I would love to win the full collection. My email is

  15. Wonderful collection, Olesya, perfect for scrapping photos roundabout fruits and making jam.
    My favourite jam is blackberry jam. I've already cooked a lot of glasses of this jam.
    Should I win I would love to get the full kit.

    Thanks a lot for the lovely clusters.

    Have a nice day

  16. My favorite jam has always been raspberry. The rich juicy berries used to grow on the dirt road to our lake house and I remember being barefoot and with my brother and sister, heading down the road with our little pails. I think we ate more than we gathered. Your kit is absolutely wonderful. I am captured by the papers and the elements. Both are gorgeous. So I think I have to say the kit itself. Thank you for the opportunity to get this - and thank you for all of the gifts you regularly give us in your newsletters. <3

  17. Beautiful collection!! My favorite jam is apricot.I would love to get the full kit. Thank you so much for the chance to win!!

    Thank you for the lovely cluster!

  18. My favorite jam is raspberry. I try other ones, and always come back to raspberries.
    I would love to with this kit. I love the colors, the berries, the vintage papers... it is gorgeous! Thank you for this opportunity!
    My email is

  19. My fave has to be strawberry jam! I'd love to win the kit! Thanks for the chance.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! I really need to get some wild blackberry vines started so I can make some blackberry jelly & jam, my favorite! Choosing a part of the kit is not so easy - if not the full kit, then the basic??

  21. My favorite jam is raspberry, although I seldom have enough berries to make a pot of jam. They always seem to get eaten fresh. I also love peach jam, which I do manage to make.

    I would love to win the collection. Thank you for the chance!

  22. I forgot to put in my email!!

    Raspberry jam - I would love the collection -

    Thank you for the chance!!

  23. Cherry Jam is the best! Thanks for the great opportunity and I'm sorry to hear of your blogging troubles!

  24. I like orange marmalade jam the best but strawberry is my children's favourite. We have just started growing our own! Love your work. This kit s lovely, especially the quick pages. My son has strawberry jam sandwiches everyday, even though I try to get him to eat other things. lol Thanks for the chance to win,. Jo

  25. I Love Raspberry Jam...Anything Raspberry Actually...I Can't Get Enough Raspberries...All Of Your Parts Are Beautiful As Always But To Only Pick One...It Would Have To Be The Full Kit!...Thanks For The Chance To Win & For All of Your Lovely Freebies & Goodies!