Jun 27, 2016


Hello dears:)
Time to go to the beach. Here is my june collection ''Ocean child''. As you remember, last year I presented very lazy beach collection in soft pastel colors. My beach collection of 2016 is absolutely different. No more lazy days on beach, no sleeping, no motinless. Only drive, life full of activity, water sport, surf, diving and fun. Enjoy!
Don't forget - you can buy this collection with -20% discount during the first sale week. 
1. What do you usually do on the beach? Do you prefer active or lazy holiday?
2. Which part of new collection do you want to win?
3. Your email  

AVAILABLE TILL 12.07.2016 23:59

Don't miss your free gift - cluster by Kama. You can find it at the end of this post.
X.O., your Olesya 
  Full collection includes
- full kit with 57 elements and 16 papers
- 57 tags and words
- 5 wordarts
- 12 icons
- 4 accents (.png)
- 4 quick pages
- 10 journal cards (.png/.pdf)





  1. Awesome kit !! I would love to win the Full Collection. It is just so gorgeous :)
    I love to comb the beach for shells and things. I love to walk in the sand and take photos of all the wonderful things that nature has to offer at the beach. I like to stay off the beaten path while on holidays. Combing the beach is my kind of relaxation :)

  2. Thanks so much for the chance to win this beautiful kit.I like to walk on the beach; so I guess you could say I like to be active. I really love the words bits and if I win, these would be a nice prize.
    My email is swaim99@cmcast.net

  3. I am not much of swimmer, so I just sit in the shallows and collect shells at the beach.. Normally I like active holidays but its nice to relax at the beach from time to time. As I have just been on a beach holiday I would love to win your kit!! It looks beautiful, thanks for the chance! aridra (at) hotmail (dot) com

  4. Bonjour Mediterranka !
    Je préfère l'action sur la plage : faire des châteaux de sable avec mes petits enfants, jouer au ballon... Je suis trop speed pour rester allongée sur une serviette ! si le sort me désigne, j'aimerais la collection complète. Merci encore pour tes cadeaux.Dani79. e-mail : oasis-sechet@orange.fr

  5. hello !! wow!! very beautiful kit, i like the beach!!
    1) i like geach games
    2) win : basic collection (elements and papers and wodarts)
    3) isis-1102@hotmail.com

    thank you this chance!!! (sorry for my engish)

  6. thanks for the beautiful cluster & this chance to win one of your beautiful job ))))
    1 - I do not like to do anything to stay on the beach, finally very little : just to rest after a long walk along the water. I also like walking on rocks in search of crabs, mussels and oysters. For the holidays , I need a balance between activities and relaxation
    2 - this kit is too beautiful, hihi if I win, I would like the full collection )))))
    3 - psp.biche57@gmail.com

  7. I usually collect shells and take tons of photos at the beach, so I guess I'm more active than lazy. I would love to win the Basic Collection of this beautiful kit. Thank you for the chance and for the gorgeous freebies too.

  8. Beautiful, stunning collection Olesya that matches my grandson nautical bedroom exactly!! Added it to my wish list :)
    1. What do you usually do on the beach? -RELAX. Do you prefer active or lazy holiday? - A little of both
    2. Which part of new collection do you want to win? - All of it!! lol
    3. Your email - 1960.shirl@gmail.com

  9. I love to stroll on the beach, on a lazy vacation, I love your clusters, beautiful kit, papillonfun@gmail.com

  10. Великолепная коллекция !!! Большое спасибо за чудесный кластер!!!

  11. Wonderful kit! Thank you for the cluster freebie!

  12. I love to sit on the sand & watch the waves roll in -- it is so relaxing! I would love to have the Ocean Child kit; thanks for the chance to win it!

  13. Wow, What an amazing kit!
    I love walking along the waters edge at sunset. We don't live by the ocean so beach sunsets are so romantic!
    Would love to win the basic collection with the elements. Thank you so much for the freebie and the chance to win the kit.

  14. This is a gorgeous kit!! My grandson and son-in-law are avid scuba divers and I could put this kit to good use!! Thanks for a chance to win it, and thank you for the very lovely cluster gift!

  15. You make beautiful things. Thank you so much for your generosity!

  16. I enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on shore. Kit preferred. Thank you. susan(AT)swatchdog(DOT)com

  17. 1. What do you usually do on the beach? Snorkel, Swim, Build Sand castles with the kids. Do you prefer active or lazy holiday? Both!
    2. Which part of new collection do you want to win? So hard! I absolutely LOVE everything about this collection! OK... if I can't have it all, I would have to say the "Words" or "Journaling Cards"... yikes! Your Quickpages are perfect! Hmmm... I will stick with words I guess.
    3. Your email : sandra@jensentree.org

  18. 1. What do you usually do on the beach? Just lie in the sun and listen to the ocean sounds. Do you prefer active or lazy holiday? - definitely lazy!
    2. Which part of new collection do you want to win? I'd love the full kit, thanks for a chance!
    3. Your email Lynncald@gmail.com