Apr 28, 2016


Hello dears:)
Spring is the time of light and healthy food. I like the fresh vegetables, which are coming to our tables direct from our gardens or farmer markets. Radish, lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, young potatoes and herbs look and tast fantastic. My new collection is for all gardeners and fans of fresh veggies. Perfect for your garden or cookbook projects. 

Don't forget - you can buy this collection with -20% discount during the first sale week. 
1. Which is your favorite vegetable?
2. Which part of new collection do you want to win?
3. Your email  

AVAILABLE TILL 17.05.2016 23:59

Don't miss your free gift - amazing cluster by Kama. You can find it at the end of this post.
X.O., your Olesya 

Full collection includes
- full kit with 57 elements and 12 papers
- 79 tags
- 5 wordarts
- 4 accents (.png)
- 4 quick pages
- 10 journal cards (.png/.pdf)






  1. Thank you for this lovely sample cluster from your new collection. I love your watercolor treatment of plants and gardening.

  2. I love this kit and want so badly to create a garden journal!!! I have so many plants started in my little greenhouse and look forward to growing every year. The soil fills my soul like the food fills my body. My favorite vegetable to grow is a tie between carrots and tomatoes and I make the most delicious carrot/tomato salsa with my garden goodies. This is a fantastic kit and the journal cards are divine!!

  3. First of all please thank Kama for the adorable cluster :) I love all things fresh from the garden but my absolute favoriet is fresh picked ...cooked corn with butter mmmmmm makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I love the whole kit but would use the Basic Kit the most . Thanks for the chance to win !!

  4. Another gorgeous kit and thank you so much for the freebie cluster, it's lovely.

    My favorite vegetable would be carrots. I love them cooked, raw, in salads, pretty much any way at all.

    I would love to win either the Basic collection or the very pretty journal cards. My email is: thenightshadow1@ yahoo dot com

    Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  5. My favourite vegetable is carrots

  6. Thanks for the post! My fave vegetable to grow would be tomatoes or corn! Love using fresh tomatoes from the garden in salads, cooking, and canning. And love sweet corn cooked on the grill during summer time. I would love to win the bundle, but if I must settle, I would go for the full kit Thanks for the chance.

  7. Ohhh I really love your vibrant new Garden collection!. Makes me want to go out and start digging in the dirt!. I would love to win the accents.
    My email is swaim99@comcast.net

  8. My favorite vegetable is brocolli. I would love the full collection but would be quite happy with the basic collection. Love how this kit turned out. We plant a small garden every year.

  9. Thank you very much for this awesome Freebie. We do grow our our vegetables . A lot of work but very rewarding to see the end results which we so enjoy.My favourite veggie would have to be Pumpkin, well that is one of them. I would love to win this awesome Kit to add my photos to . Thank you for offering a chance to win it.
    Hugs Mozzie xxxx

  10. My favorite vegetable is corn.
    I love this kit, especially since it's time to get the garden going again. The whole collection would be great, but if I had to pick just one part, I'd say the page kit would be most useful.

  11. Gorgeous collection !! Thanks for the cluster and the chance to win :) My favourite vegetable would be ... i don't know ... I love most of them as long as thy're not cooked lol But, I'll say : radish because it's one of my favourite of the moment to eat whenever I'm a little hungry !! All is beautiful but I'll more easily use the basic collection or the accents ;-) My mail : cocotounette@gmail.com

  12. I really like this new set. Thank you for a great cluster and a chance to win part of a set. My favorite vegetable - green peas, be sure to plant it in your garden). I would love to win the basic collection kit to design their pages about the garden). Email ulyankapod@yandex.ru

  13. thanks for this beautiful cluster wouah (^_^) another great kit !!!!
    1-love so many vegetables, all vegetables, but my very favourite is tomato specially tomato-pineapple, this big yellow & orange tomato is sweet and tangy, it's a plump tomato. For me it is the symbol of sharing a moment of pure flavor in the garden in fine weather.
    2-I 'm greedy , so I 'd love to win the full collection ))))
    thanks for all, & have a good day !!

  14. wow! just wow!
    My favorie vegetable is tomat. I like your paper very much!

  15. Bonjour Mediterranka !
    le légume que je préfère en ce moment est... l'asperge. C'est excitant quand il faut les ramasser : les voir soulever la terre et découvrir leurs petites têtes blanches... hum, c'est délicieux avec une sauce mousseline ou une simple vinaigrette. Merci pour ton cluster, ta nouvelle collection est... rafraîchissante. Si le sort m'est favorable, j'aimerais la collection complète. Mon email est oasis-sechet@orange.fr. Merci Dani79

  16. Really gorgeous kit and thank you so much for the freebie cluster; I love garden clusters.

    My favorite vegetable would be carrots, still hard to choose, as I love most vegetables... they taste so darn good. I love them cooked, raw, in salads, pretty much any way at all. I would love to win Basic garden kit!!
    Thank you for offering a chance to win it.
    Mary Anne Maloney
    My Email: lm.lifeturn@hotmail.com

  17. This is a beautiful garden set!! I love the watercolor vegies, especially.

    My very favorite veggie is yellow wax beans, but carrots are a close second.

    If I am fortunate enough to win I would love the full collection, but the full kit has enough to showcase my new greenhouse quite well!

    joannek_888 at yahoo . ca

    THANK YOU for the chance to win!


  18. What a yummy collection!!!! My favorite vegetable is the carrot. You can eat it raw, bake, boil, stew and roast it, slice and dice it, mash it and freeze it, or make soup with it. It makes great salad especially when combined with pineapple and raisins. You can make cakes & cookies with it. And, you can carve it into interesting shapes. It even comes in a variety of colours from red to yellow as well as the traditional orange. It is easy to grow and stores well for months. I would love to win any part of the collection but the full kit would really be appreciated. Thanks for the chance to win it. My email is stck@sympatico.ca Middie

  19. What a beautiful, mouth-wateringly delicious kit! My favorite vegetable is okra. Love it fired and fried with green tomatoes. Yum!

    I would love to have the full collection. It's perfect to make my father's cookbook for one so he doesn't lose my Mom's great recipes!

    Have a superb day! Susan

  20. This collection is beautiful!!

    As I get older, I find I like more and more vegetables. But my favorite is still the humble potato. It so versatile!

    I love all parts of this collection; I would get the most use out of the word art and the journal cards.

    Thanks you so much for the chance to win! sandyteg@4wbi.net

  21. bonjour....mon légume préféré est la carotte surtout les nouvelles que l'on va déplanter dans le jardin, laver et grignoter au soleil.....quant à ma préférence dans votre collection si je gagne......j'aimerais beaucoup la partie basic collection....(mon email : anae10000-divers@yahoo.fr) bonne journée.....et amitiés de France....