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Hello dears:)
Today is my Birthday and I'm very happy to share it with you, my dear friends. I prepared a lot of funny events for you. Feel free to read some information about me, play games, buy my products with discount and grab free mini kit. Enjoy them all! So let's get party started!

Don't miss the chance to buy some of my kits and collections with discount!

I was very excited to get so many question from you about myself. Take a look now, what you want to know about me as a real person and as Mediterranka Design.

1. Lisa:  Is Olesya your proper first name? 
Yes, it's my first name. 

2. Lisa: Are you Turkish or Russian or both? 
I'm 100% russian woman, who lives in Turkey the last 16 years. 

3. Jules: Is Antalya your birthplace?
Shayna: Where did you grow up?
I was born in Tver, in a simple russian city between Moscow and Saint Petersburg. I left my home town when I was 20, because I was invited to Turkey as a travel agency representative manager. When I came to Turkey, I was falling in love with it and stayed here. 

4. Joanne: Where in the world do you live?
I live in Antalya, Turkey

5. Joanne: Could you please show us your favourite local scenery?
15 minutes walking from my house

6. Shayna: What do you do in education?
I'm a primary school teacher (1) and a German language teacher (2).

7. Shayna: Are you a teacher?
At the moment - yes! And I'm very happy about it. I'm a primary school teacher in private russian school in Antalya. But it was very long way to come here. 12 years I worked as a travel agency representative manager and 3 years as a Guest relations clerk in turkish hotels.

 8. Pamela and Kel: How many languages do you speak?
Russian is my mother language. I also speak turkish, german and english.

9. Shayna: Do you have any siblings?
 Yes, I have a brother, 4 years younger then me.

10. Pamela: Do you look like your Mother or your Father?
My mother says that I look like my father, but I think, that I look like all women from my mother-side.

11. Shipley, Shayna asked: Do you have pets?
I have a cat, called Garfield. You can see his pictures here - I make some layouts using my mini set ''Cattitude''. The red one is mine :)

12. Shayna: Are you a big city girl or a country girl?
Very difficult question for me, really. I spent a lot of time in a country with my grandparents. In my childhood all weekends and holiday I and my brother spent in the village, running through the meadows and forests. I kept really good memories about my childhood, and I always miss my village and happy days leaving in my past. Could I live in a country now? Yes, if I have suitable conditions for life like hot water, heating etc., which not so common here in Turkey and also in Russia. But big cities... that's what I really hate. Small city is the best option for me, I think. 

13. Kel: How many countries have your traveled to?
Not so much. Most of all I travelled in Turkey. I was in Syria and in Israel.

14.Shayna, Kel and Pamela: What is your favorite place to go on vacation?
Most of all I would like to go to England, Ireland and Scotland. I've never been there but someday I will. As I worked as a travel agency representative manager I traveled a lot, but always in Turkey. My favorite place in Turkey is Olympos. Best place for your rest. Tree houses, beautiful beach, small autenthic bars with life music during the night, amazing nature. My advice to everybody, who will go to Turkey for a holiday.

15. Shayna: Who is your favorite author?
I like Dan Brown, Jules Verne, Khaled Hosseini, Robert McCammon, Bronte Sisters (''Jane Air'' is my favorite book), Maeve Binchy, Sue Monk Kidd, Sergey Esenin. And a thousand more I think :)

16. Kel: What are your favorite types of movies/music?
I like movies and I like music. Today I watched a great film called ''Crimson peak'', going to my favorites list. I like different films, love stories, trillers, comedy, dramas. I'm a big fan of cinema. What about music, last time I'm in love with Adele and Sia. But generally I listen chill out or club house music, sometimes gothic rock.

17. Shayna: Besides black tea do you ever drink coffee?
Yes, 1-2 cups a year :)

18. Shayna and Jules: What are your hobbies?
Kel:  If you did not design what other creative pursuit would you follow?
Kimberley: If you had to give up designing for some reason what would you do instead?  
I like cooking and baking. I also like knitting and making Interier toys, but don't have time for this last couple of years. I'm interesting in photography very much, but... not in this life.

19. Lisa: What is your favorite Middle-Eastern food?
I'm not a big fan of a Middle-Eastern cousine, but I like kebabs and pacha soup. 

20. Sherry: What is #1 on your Bucket list?
 I have a great mix of ideas, plans and dreams. Right now I want to bake some delicious for my birthday.

21. Lynncal: Did you open advent calendars as a child every year?
Unfortunately no :(

22. Shayna and Pamela: What is your favorite color and color palette?
I don't have the favorite one. I like all colors without exception.

23. Lisa: Your designer name 'Mediterranka', how did you come to that name?
Mediterranka is my nickname in Internet. That's mean ''the girl, who lives on the Mediterranean sea''.

24. Lisa: Do you use your own photography to create your kits?
 Not all. Sometimes I use the stock photos or CU products from other designers.

25. Sandra: How long have you been designing for digital scrapbooking and what is your favorite part of designing.
I started designing 2009, had contract with my first store 2010. I don't know about my favorite part of designing, because I really have fun to create all of them. 

26. Jules: Did you ever paper scrapbook?
Yes, but it was very long ago. When I was a child, we decorated photobooks with my mother - with old cards and dried flowers.

27. Robinsismai: How did you get started designing?
I looked some information about paper scrapbooking and at odd times found some digital scrapbooking layouts. I started designing my pages, than created some free kits and after 1 year got  the invitation to my first store.

28. Lynncal: Did you go to art school and have you always had a natural talent for design?
I don't know about talent (thank you, if you really find me talented), but I learned everything by myself. Never been to art scholl.

29. Kel: When designing a kit, do you start with a finished product in mind or let inspiration take you where it may?
Depends on collection, I think.

30. Kel: What comes first elements or papers -- theme or colors?
Theme at first, than - colors. I started designing collection with elements, than coming papers, tags, accents, journal cards and quick pages.

31. Pamela: Do you listen to music when you design?
Yes, I do.

32. Kel:  If you could have a superpower what would it be? 
To be never-dying.

33. Kel: If you could time travel, what period would you visit?
1850 - 1930

34. Shayna: Have you ever worn miss matched socks?
Funny question, but... not. I didn't :) 

I hope, I answered all your question. It was hard to choose, who will get the 5 USD coupon from me. What do we have? We have 12 participants, that's mean I need to give 2 coupons. The first one is going to Shayna, and the second one to Kel. Please, note, that all coupons will be sent to you at 27. December, after Birthday and Christmas sales will be turned off. Thank you for interesting!

 Write me a comment with your favorites:
- kit
- mini set
- basic collection
On 27. December I will pick 3 winners, one of them will get selected kit, the second one - mini set, the third - basic collection.
All winners will be picked randomly.

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Please note, this mini kit is free for limited time only.

X.O., your Olesya

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  1. Love it! Thanks so very much. Hope you have a very Happy Happy Birthday!

  2. Fun to learn about you.I hope to see Turkey some day. A friend went and loved it best of all the Mediterranean countries she visited. Yes, you must see Britain! Thank you very much for the birthday freebie. It is very generous of you to gift us for YOUR birthday and Christmas too!

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    I just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday! Mine is Wednesday! LOL Hope your day is wonderful!


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    Second, thank you so much for the lovely mini kit. You are always so generous.

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