11 июн. 2015 г.


Hello dears:)
Time to present my new collection. ''Big girls party'' is collection about friendship between women. Little bit romantic, little bit funny, this bundle is the perfect way to keep your friendship memories and tell your best friend, how much you love her. The collection is created in soft colors like pastel blue, pink, mauve and turquoise and includes about hundred tags, helping to share your feelings.
Don't miss your free gift - amazing quick page by Kama. You can find it at the end of this post.
X.O., your Olesya 
1. Tell me about your best friend. Maybe do you have more than one? What is her name? Where, when and how did you meet? What are you doing, when you spend time together? 
2. Which part of the collection do you want to get?
3. Your email.

AVAILABLE TILL 30.06.2015 23:59



OSCRAPS (english)
ОСКРАП (russian)
OSCRAPS (english)
ОСКРАП (russian)
OSCRAPS (english)
ОСКРАП (russian)



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  1. Lovely colors ... thank you for the cluster.

  2. Lovely kit. I would love to be the winner.
    My best friend is one I have known since we were babies. We even lived in the same house at separate times.
    Her birthday is the same Month as mine in Oct so that makes us Libras. We are so much alike we could be sisters. She also has one grandchild, as I do, girls, and they are exactly 2 years apart, both born in Dec. And ironically, their mothers named them Rachael. We both love to read,love the same crafts, and love to vacation at the same places. Her name is Freda. She loves her quiet times, as I do but also love to do catch up. And, most importantly of all,we both love the Lord

  3. Sorry, I forgot my email on the above: swaim99@comcast.net
    Thank you,
    Hugs, Joyce

  4. Carmen is my best friend. We met when our daughters were very young and in the same class at school. That was such a long time ago....LOL When we get together we usually go out for lunch and catch up on what is happening in our families. Carmen travels a great deal so I don't see her as often as I used to but, when we do get together there is always so much to talk about. If I am lucky enough to win may I please have the kit????? Thank you for giving me a chance.

  5. your kits are so sweet ) thanks for fhis chance to win it !!
    and thank for this lovely cluster ))

  6. I have too many best friends...one I've know for 38 years...she's always there for me no matter what...another has been my bff for about 5 years...we always party together and travel together...and my sister is another bff...we are so close and our husbands are best friends too...love to just hang out and enjoy each other's company...I would love the full kit...thanks for the chance!-this collection looks so fun!

  7. Finally a BFF ("best friends forever") kit suitable for older woman. I love the colours and the sample quick page with the photo of the more mature ladies!!!

    Sandy is my best friend. I have known her for over 63 years. We met on our first day of school in a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada, We grew up together and though we later moved apart to go to university and start careers, we remain best friends to this day through frequent visits, huge phone bills, and daily emails. She is the only person, other than my parents, whom I could trust completely. We are different enough to keep things interesting yet similar enough to be able to complete each other's sentences. We always try to do something different when we are visiting each other, anything from hiking in a new nature preserve to going to an art show, trying a different ethnic cuisine to roaming antique shops. We have been known to plant trees, monitor bird populations, hunt for mushrooms, go to folk festivals, and even play road hockey (though at our age we are now referees). Friendship that lasts more than six decades is very rare and very precious.

    If I am lucky enough to win your draw, I would like the whole kit but, being practical, I would settle for the quick pages in English. Thank you for designing such a lovely kit and for the opportunity to win part of it. Sharon

  8. My best friend's name is Pat....we met years ago thru mutual friends...we don't see each other as often as I would like but when we do get together we have a great time, usually over dinner. If I won, I would like the kit please.

  9. 1. My best friend is Teddi, we met when we were 2 years old. I wish I could see her more often but she lives in another state, When we get together we always have fun! We love to shop or go to Disneyworld!
    2. Which part of the collection do you want to get? - LOVE the kit
    3. Your email. Lynncald@gmail.com

    thanks for a chance to win and for the beautiful cluster

  10. Спасибо за подарок! Сразу задумалась, а есть ли у меня такие подруги. Не могу одну выделить. Есть подруга в моем городе, мы знаем друг друга с пеленок, у нас родители с детства дружили, теперь мы, наши дети тоже дружат. И есть подруги в деревне у бабушки, я там провожу каждое лето. Пусть мы редко общаемся, но я всегда чувствую их поддержку и знаю, что могу положиться на них в любую минуту! Желаю всем очень хороших друзей, ведь без их присутствия жизнь неполноценна!