Oct 15, 2013


Hello, friends:)
My dear subscribers, please, check your mails. October gift - mini-kit ''Autumn harvest'' - is going to you...
What will be next month? Stay with me and let me surprise you.



Credits: photos by L'allodola, Vikiemi, Natalya Zakonova

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X.O., your Olesya


  1. Olesya, thank you very much for the beautiful kit!
    I love it

  2. A beautiful autumn gift, thank you very much.

  3. Bonjour Olesya,
    Actually, since Digiscrap Depot closed down and the fact that i'm scarcely using Craftcrave, i've come directly from file "My favorites".

    So, a visit today to look at your last creations which, as always, leave me admiring 8-) !
    I wonder how you make such perfect work ! This is just amazing for me as nobody in my close circle uses any retouching softwares, alas ! My mind is submerged with questions i would ask ! :D
    C from Paris ☼

  4. This is me again ! :D
    I've just seen soooo tempting individual cakes in your "Handmade" section ! I can't understand the ingredients written, of course, in your language. It seems they contain cocoa powder or chocolate and jam, maybe rasberry. I love both of them...Would it be possible to have it translated ?
    Greedy C from Paris :)

    1. I can't find your e-mail, dear. If you write me your mail and give the link to the post (which cakes do you mean) I will translete it to you. No problem!

  5. There are only 3 pictures in this section. (I'm not refering to the ones right on top of this part of your blog) The one of stacked cakes, the 1st., is just above a sweet sewed pastel rabbit. I can't understand the date, it's something like 23rd M...2013. On each of them, is written which seems a copyright "Olesya Rudenko."
    I will send you a message from my e-mail.
    C from Paris :)