16 мая 2013 г.


Hello, dears:)
What pattern does your life have? Which memories from ''today'' do you want to keep in your mind? Breakfest with your family? Walk through the summer field? Maybe the first hot-air-balloon flight? The pattern of our life change every day, every hour, every minute. And it's really cool to follow these magnific transfigurations.

My new kit is available in all my stores. Buy and keep your memories! First week - with discount 25% off. 

Thank you very much to all who participate in my games. Yes, I know, it's not so easy to answer my questions, but... BE CREATIVE! ''Beautiful kit'' is nice to read, but a little bit boring, isn't it? Thats why I will be asking again and again:)
So... want to get this kit free? Participate in my new game! The rules are easy - leave me a comment:
- write your email
- answer the question - If your life can be a carpet, what kind of pattern I can see on it
 I will pick the winner on 25. May
If you ask about my answer - my carpet will be full of field flowers (poppies, camomiles, cornflowers), there will be also the arms of my grandmother, forest on the horizon, white church and horses.   

Don't forget about your gift - free cluster by Kama is waiting for you...
your Olesya
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Credits: template by FDD, photos by Magda Berny, Tatyana Petrova, Aparatki FB, Iwona Baldyga, Natalya Zakonova


8 комментариев:

  1. LanaBeber@gmail.com

    Love your new kit!!! It is stunning!

    What would you see if I were a carpet? Deep but gentle and beautiful hues. Teals, Blues and purples to represent the loves of my life that run deeply through my soul. If you looked closely, you would see flowers of Lily's in peaches to represent my boys and in an up and down pattern to signify the challeges of everyday life.

  2. На ковре были бы нарисованы мои любимые - это муж, самый заботливый и родной. Это дети - мои дочери, самые-самые красивые... А вокруг были бы разбросаны мои любимые цветы астры.
    Вот так я вижу свой шаблон.
    Спасибо Вам за подарок!!!!

    1. Спасибо за ответ:) Укажите свой мейл, комментарии без мейла в розыгрыше не участвуют.

  3. thank you for the beautiful cluster! I cherish and want to remember every moment with my baby dog, Koa. I don't have children so she is my baby! thanks so much for the chance to win your awesome kit!

  4. An awesome kit and thankyou for this wonderful freebie

  5. si ma vie était un tapis, j'aimerais avoir des milliers de fleurs avec des teintes pastels, des petits animaux en peluche qui me rappellent la naissance de mes petits enfants, des grands soleils qui scintilleraient et qui éclaireraient le monde dans lequel nous vivons et des milliers d'étoiles qui guideraient le chemin de chaque personne. bravo encore pour ce très joli kit et merci pour le rak