Nov 12, 2012


Hello, dears:)
My new kit ''Late apples'' is available in stores. It includes 65 various elements, 12 papers, 10 wordtags, 7 wordarts and 5 clusters as a bonus. First week with discount 25%. 

 For me Autumn is two great film ''Autumn in New York'' and ''Legends of the Fall'', smoke of fires, smell of late apples, colorful trees, harvested fields and hundreds of umbrellas on the streets in my town. And what does Autumn mean to you?
If you want to get this kit free and love to play - see new game's rules forward. Results will be posted on my blog next week. Good luck!

Don't forget to grab for free fantastic cluster by Kama.
X.O., your Olesya

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  1. First thanks for the cluster :)

    Autumn means for me: An explosion of colours, the smell of wet leaves, apples/peas that fall down from the tree, hedgehogs that make itself ready for the winter sleep :D

    Great Kit and thanks for the chance :)


  2. There is something about autumn
    that brings out such earthiness
    Gold leaves adorn bushes and trees
    like an artist with a brilliant brush.
    Oh yes, I love those golden days
    Dreamy with autumn’s glow
    It makes me smile because I do
    Love the season of autumn so!

  3. l'automne me fait penser au poème de Paul Verlaine (1844-1896) qui dit ceci :
    Chanson d'automne
    Les sanglots longs
    Des violons
    De l'automne
    Blessent mon coeur
    D'une langueur
    Tout suffocant
    Et blême, quand
    Sonne l'heure,
    Je me souviens
    Des jours anciens
    Et je pleure
    Et je m'en vais
    Au vent mauvais
    Qui m'emporte
    Deçà, delà,
    Pareil à la
    Feuille morte.
    C'est un poème un peu triste et mélancolique mais j'aime surtout aussi toutes les jolies couleurs que l'on trouve en automne (les feuilles, etc...) et quand les feuilles tombent, la nature se met au repos. bravo pour ce kit et merci pour la chance de gagner.

  4. What Autumn means to me.... Autumn to me is a special time when all life/earth has reproduced and prospered. Now a time for resting and celebrating what came before; the bountiful harvests, the raising of young and readying them for winter. A well deserve rest of all the creatures of Earth and herself.

  5. Autumn to me, is fantastic weather, family, Hallowen & Thanksgiving, football! I love fall! the new kit is gorgeous! thanks so much for the beautiful frame & chance to win!

  6. Для меня Осень – это резиновые сапожки и любимые зонтики с «Тачками», теплые шапочки и мягкие шарфики. Веселые солнечные зайчики, отражающиеся от тонкой корочки льда в лужах, ласкающие осенним теплом глаза. Но самое главное для меня: Осень – это звонкий, задорный смех моих ребятишек, резвящихся в куче золотистых опавших листьев.

  7. Autumn... A chance to enjoy the beautiful crisp weather, getting ready to bunker down for the winter. Not as much yard maintenance to do, so we can sit back and look at the beautiful colors that nature provides for us each fall.

    I don't know how you come up with such wonderful ideas for your kits. Love them! Thanks for the cluster and thanks for the opportunity to win. Marilyn