Sep 26, 2012


Hello, dears:)
Today I want to present my new kit ''Reminiscence''. I loooove vintage kits. I'm in love with pastel though faded colors, all sortes of scrapes, cracks, a little bit rough textures, paper flowers, buttons and ribbons. Thats why I created ''Reminiscence''. Yellow, smoky pink and brown colors approach each other perfect. This kit is ideal for your old or imitative-aged photos. Don't forget - if you buy this kit now, you get -25%!!! Want to get this kit free? You can find new game's rules after inspiration session by my CT. And don't miss free cluster from Kama at the end of this post!
X.O., your Olesya

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Answer the secret question and get a chance to grab this kit free (available till 5. October). Please not: ANSWERS TO THE QUESTION WILL BE ACCEPTED ONLY
Ответь на секретный вопрос и получи возможность забрать мой новый набор в свою копилку абсолютно бесплатно (действительно до 5 октября). Важно: ТОЛЬКО ОТВЕТЫ НА ВОПРОСЫ ПРИНИМАЮТСЯ К РОЗЫГРЫШУ

What person, that you have heard or read about, lived in the past or living today in any part of the world, real or fictional (books or cinema etc.), do you admire most?

Человек, которым вы восхищаетесь - реальный или вымышленный (персонаж из литературы или кинематографа), о котором вы слышали или читали, живший или живущий в любой точке мира? 

Credits for layouts: beastly_beautifull (Deviantart), Natalia Sokolovskaya


  1. Thank you very much for your free!!

  2. One of the persons I admire most ist Martin Luther King because the content of his famous speech "I have a dream..." is more than worth to be followed by mankind to get freedom all over the world.
    Thanks for the lovely cluster and the chance to win this beautiful kit. I like this vintage style very much and all the layouts are really fantastic. :-)

  3. What a lovely kit!!!!! I have always admired Maya Angelou. She is a wonderful poet and her book "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" is so touching.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to win :)


  4. I admire my Father most. Although he has been gone many years, the lessons he taught me are still valid. Even though he was ill, he supported his family and was a role model for them.

    Thsnks for the chance to win this gorgeous kit.

  5. thank you so much for the beautiful cluster! I admire Mother Theresa as she was so giving and dedicated her life to service!

  6. Моя самая любимая кинозвезда Одри Хепберн, которая для меня является эталоном женственности, красоты и таланта.

  7. I have always admired Audrey Hepburn. She was an outstanding actress and did much charitable work all over the world.
    Thanks for the cluster and a chance to win! JulesW

  8. Beautiful kit and lovely colors, thanks for chance to win.

    One of the persons I admire most is my Mom, my father died when me and my sister was 1-3yrs old and she worked alot. She bought her own house with out a man, she took care of us without a man. She put both of us girls in college with a man. Once we were older she started to date, got married again then he passed away within 2 yrs. That was 10 yrs ago we urge her to date again but she said god gave her two good men and that her life was wonderful and she is happy.

    Красивый комплект и прекрасные цветы, спасибо за шанс на победу.

    Один из тех, кого я больше всего восхищаюсь моя мама, мой отец умер, когда мне и моей сестре было 1-3yrs старые и она работала много. Она купила свой ​​дом из человека, она заботилась о нас без мужчины. Она поставила нас обоих девушек в колледже с мужчиной. Как только мы были старше она начала на сегодняшний день, снова вышла замуж, то он скончался в течение 2 лет. Это было 10 лет назад мы призываем ее на сегодняшний день еще раз, но она сказала бог дал ей две хорошие люди и что в ее жизни было замечательно, и она счастлива.

  9. I admire and adore Jane Austin, she wrote so beautifully capturing an era that is so delicious. I would have loved to have met my own Mr Darcy :)
    Thank you for the freebie, its gorgeous.

  10. Mother Theresa. Her good works and kindness is incredible. -Sharebear

  11. I admire Gandhi for his non-violent approach to life. Thank you for the cluster, thank you for the opportunity to win your kit. Your work is always spectacular.