9 янв. 2012 г.


Hello, dear readers:)
I can't say that I loved the winter time very much when I lived in Russia. Really winter I mean... I still hate cold wether, don't like late down and early twilight, don't like putting a lot of sweaters. So I was never a big fan of the winter. Than I moved to Mediterranean coast and here I got a rainy and wet winter instead of snowy and frosty. Yes, at this moment you start thinking what is the best...? But I'm sure - I love the invented winter - by writers, poets, musicians and of course by cinema makers. A soft fluffy snow, falling from the sky, ice rink with million lights, hundreds colored lighters of Christmas tree garlands, ice sculptures and more... And I'm happy to remember all winters from my childhood. I'm surprised when I stoped loving the winter? When I began to be so afraid of cold and frost and has forgotten my childhood love?..

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